Microsoft hat ein kostenloses eBook über Windows 10 veröffentlicht. Das eBook für Windows 10 liegt allerdings nur in Englisch vor. Das eBook liegt als Standard PDF oder auch als Mobil PDF vor. Es geht auf 125 sehr eingehend auf folgende Themen ein:

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Chapter 1: Getting started with Windows 10
Your options for signing in
Take charge of Start
Discover what’s new on the Windows 10 Desktop
New apps and the Windows Store
Microsoft Edge
Say hello to Cortana
Windows Update
Embrace the cloud
Learn to love change

Chapter 2: Personalizing the Windows 10 experience
Cortana and the search box
Customizing the background and lock screen
Taskbar and notification area
Action Center
Optimizing for touch
Arranging apps

Chapter 3: Staying secure
Securing your user account
Securing your data
Keeping Windows up to date
Windows Defender
Windows SmartScreen
Privacy settings

Chapter 4: Having fun
Setting default digital media apps
Groove Music
Photos, Movies, TV, and Videos

Chapter 5: Connecting to the Internet and cloud services
Networking basics
Working with Wi-Fi

Chapter 6: Taking charge of hardware
Adjusting your display
Volume control and other audio settings
Managing storage
Setting up printers
Updating device drivers

Chapter 7: Staying productive on mobile devices
Managing power options
Pen support
Using tablet mode
Windows 10 Mobile

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and recovery
Troubleshooting 101
Other troubleshooting tools
Getting help from an expert
When all else fails, reset!
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Ihr könnt Euch das kostenlose eBook über Windows 10 „Support Secrets – IT Pro Essentials“ hier downloaden.